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Mercedes bypasses crossover route, enters EVs sedan-first

The German luxury brand is taking a contrarian approach to the U.S. electric vehicle market: first a sedan, then crossovers later.

Right fit key to online F&I experience

Dealerships face the challenge of designing an online F&I experience that is simple and transparent and doesn't slow down the process of buying a vehicle.

Lunn was behind vehicles with impact

The experimental gas-turbine semitruck wasn't the only accomplishment of Roy Lunn, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Automotive News Daily Drive highlights, April 9-April 15

Here are highlights from the latest episodes of "Daily Drive," Automotive News' weekday podcast, April 9-April 16.

Engineers wrestle with impacts of EVs, AVs

Vehicle architectures and powertrains are evolving, presenting both opportunities and challenges for automakers, industry newcomers and the supply chain.